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Indian Army Aircraft Serial Number

indian army aircraft serial number


Indian Army Aircraft Serial Number


















































Indian Army Aircraft Serial Number


IDRW (29 June 2015). Indian Express. Wapiti K1142 was even used for early in-flight refueling trials with Vickers Virginias. Handley-Page slots were fitted on the Mk IA onwards as standard and the Wapiti was in fact the first production airplane so equipped. Retrieved 3 February 2016. [ TOP ] .


Flightglobal. Aerial RefuelingAircraft AermacchiMB-326E AeroL-39C AlbatrosL-159 ALCA AirbusA310 MRTT AirbusA319 AirbusA330 MRTT AirbusA400M Grizzly Alenia AermacchiM-346 Master AleniaC-27 Spartan AleniaG.222 TCM AMX InternationalAMX AntonovAn-26 AvroLancaster AvroVulcan BACStrikemaster BAC/HuntingJet Provost BAE SystemsNimrod BeechC-12U Huron BeechD18 BeechKing Air BeechT-1A Jayhawk BeechT-34A Mentor Bell-BoeingMV-22B Osprey Boeing 757 BoeingB-17 Flying Fortress BoeingB-47H Stratojet BoeingB-52H Stratofortress BoeingC-17A Globemaster BoeingCT-49A BoeingE-3A SentryAWACS BoeingE-6B MercuryTACAMO BoeingE-8C J-STARS BoeingF/A-18D Hornet BoeingF/A-18F Super Hornet BoeingF-15E Strike Eagle BoeingKC-135R Stratotanker BoeingKC-767 BoeingP-8A Poseidon BoeingRC-135 Rivet Joint BoeingStearmanKaydet Trainer BoeingT-43A Gator Bombardier/CanadairChallenger 604CL-600 BreguetAtlantic British AerospaceJetstream British AerospaceBAe-125 British AerospaceHarrier, Sea Harrier British AerospaceHawk T.1, T.2 Britten-NormanBN-2T Islander/Defender BckerB 131 Jungmann CanadairCT-133 Silver Star Canadian VickersPBY-5A Catalina CASAC-295MC-295AEW CavalierF-51D Mustang CCFHarvard CessnaO-1 Bird Dog Cessna 560Citation VCitation Excel CessnaE530 Scorpion CessnaO-2ASuper Skymaster CessnaT-37 Tweety Bird CessnaT-41 Mescalero CommonwealthCA-18 Mustang ConsolidatedB-24 Liberator CurtissP-40M Warhawk DassaultAtlantique DassaultFalcon 20 DassaultFalcon 900 DassaultMD-311 Flamant DassaultMirage 2000 DassaultMirage F.1 DassaultRafale Dassault-DornierAlpha Jet De Havilland CanadaU-6A Beaver De HavillandDH-89A Dominie De HavillandDHC-1 Chipmunk DiamondT-52A DornierDo 228 DouglasA-1 Skyraider DouglasC-47A DakotaC-47D Skytrain DouglasC-53 Skytrooper EmbraerEMB-135 English ElectricCanberra PR.9 EurofighterEF-2000 Typhoon FairchildA-10A Thunderbolt FaireyFirefly FFAVampire FieselerFi 156 Storch Focke-WulfFW 190 FokkerDr-1 FokkerS-11-1 Instructor FougaCM-170 Magister GatesLearjet C-21A General Dynamics(Fokker)F-16AM/BMFighting Falcon General Dynamics(SABCA)F-16A Fighting Falcon General DynamicsF-111 Aardvark General DynamicsF-16 Fighting Falcon General DynamicsF-16C Fighting Falcon GlosterMeteor GrobG-115E Tutor GrummanE-2C Hawkeye GrummanEA-6B Prowler GrummanF8F Bearcat GrummanTBM-3R Avenger Gulfstream AerospaceC-20 Gulfstream IV Hawker BeechcraftRaytheon BeechT-6A Texan HawkerFury, Sea Fury HawkerHunter HawkerHurricane Hawker SiddeleyDominie Hawker SiddeleyGnat HispanoHA-200D Saeta Ling-Temco-VoughtA-7 Corsair LockheedC-130 Hercules LockheedC-5B Galaxy LockheedF-104G Starfighter LockheedF-117A Nighthawk LockheedL-1011 TriStar Lockheed MartinF-16 Fighting Falcon Lockheed MartinF-16C Fighting Falcon Lockheed MartinF-22A Raptor LockheedP-38 Lightning LockheedP-3C OrionP-140 Aurora LockheedSR-71 Blackbird LockheedT-33A T-Bird LockheedU-2S McDonnell DouglasA-4N SkyhawkTA-4J Skyhawk McDonnell DouglasAV-8B Harrier McDonnell DouglasCF-18A Hornet McDonnell DouglasEF-18A Hornet McDonnell DouglasF/A-18 Hornet McDonnell DouglasF/A-18C Hornet McDonnell DouglasF-15 Eagle McDonnell DouglasF-4 Phantom II McDonnell DouglasKC-10A Extender McDonnell DouglasKDC-10 MesserschmittBf 109 MesserschmittMe 163 Komet MesserschmittMe 208 MesserschmittMe 262 Schwalbe Mikoyan-GurevichMiG-15 Fagot Mikoyan-GurevichMiG-17 Fresco Mikoyan-GurevichMiG-21 Fishbed Mikoyan-GurevichMiG-29 Fulcrum MitsubishiReisen Zero Morane-SaulnierD-3801, MS-317 NanchangCJ-6A NoorduynAT-16 Harvard NordNoratlas North AmericanT-6 Texan North AmericanB-25 Mitchell North AmericanF-86 Sabre North AmericanP-51D Mustang RockwellOV-10 Bronco North AmericanT-28A FennecT-28C Trojan Northrop GrummanB-2A Spirit NorthropT-38 Talon PanaviaTornado F.3 PanaviaTornado GR.4 PanaviaTornado IDS/ECR PiaggioP-180AM Avanti PilatusPC-7 PZL-MielecM-28 Bryza RaytheonBeech 1900 RepublicF-105 Thunderchief RockwellB-1B Lancer RyanPT-22 Recruit Saab 105OE Saab 91D Safir SaabAJS-37 Viggen Saab J35OeDraken SaabJAS39 Gripen Scottish AviationBulldog Scottish AviationJetstream Scottish AviationTwin Pioneer SEPECATJaguar GR.3 ShortTucano SIAI-MarchettiSF-260 SocataEpsilon (TBM-700) Stampe-VertongenSV-4 SukhoiSu-22 Fitter SukhoiSu-27 Flanker SukhoiSu-30 MKI SupermarineSpitfire TransallC-160 TUSASF-16C Fighting Falcon VickersVC-10 VoughtF4U Corsair YakovlevYak-130 YakovlevYak-18 YakovlevYak-3 YakovlevYak-50 YakovlevYak-52 YakovlevYak-9 Airshows More Aircraft [ TOP ] . Voice of America. Note: The Indian Armed Forces operate a number of Unmanned aerial vehicles split between the three service branches. [ TOP ] . Indian Coast Guard. The Wapiti is another name for the North American elk). The New Indian Express: The Sunday Standard. EMTAladin Mini-UAV System EMT Luna X-2000 UAV Euro Hawk High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) General Atomics MQ-1 Predator General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper Joint Unmanned Combat Air System J-UCAS Mantis Unmanned Aircraft System UAS Northrop Grumman RQ-4A Global Hawk Rheinmetall KZO Tactical UAV System Airshows More UAV [ TOP ] . References.


Defense Industry Daily. 28 May 2015. USAF (also USAAC, USAAS, USAAF). ^ "Home-grown Light Combat Aircraft Tejas Joins Indian Air Force". 7.


For a list of historical aircraft used by the Indian Military, see list of historical aircraft of the Indian Air Force. 8 August 2014. IBC World News. Print Email Details Category: Retired Aircraft Histories Last Updated: 10 February 2010 Written by Polly Singh Hits: 18047 . Initial B/UB variants have been upgraded to MiG-29UPG standards[10] To be retired by 2030.[11] Dassault Mirage 2000 France Multirole fighter M2000H M2000TH M2000I/TI 39[9] 9[9] 2[12] Being upgraded.[13] To be retired by 2030.[4] Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 USSR India Fighter MiG21Bison MiG21MF 245[9] MiG-21MF ("Type 88") and one squadron of upgraded MiG-21 Bisons to be retired by 2017-18.[11][14][15] Remaining 132 aircraft to be retired by 2022.[4][16][17] To be replaced by the HAL Tejas. ^ "Hawk Jet Trainers". Retrieved 29 May 2015. A Flight continued in training with 20 Squadron RAF at Peshawar and 5 Squadron RAF at Chaklala until it was finally deployed to Miranshah in North Waziristan in Sep 1937.


August 19, 2014. Joe Baugher's pages. After the war the diverse requirements of air power were chanellised into two distinct classes i.e; the Army co operation aeroplane, exemplified by the Bristol Fighter, Brisfit, and the general purpose type, the first of which was the DH 9A, Nine-Ack. ^ Mathrani, Mukesh (27 January 2015). The undercarriage was a completely new design for the Wapiti. ^ Ajai Shukla (14 February 2015). The IAFs founding warplane sits in the museum today crying out for the respect and grandeur that it deserves. 5ed1281650

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